Best Ways to Take Care And Develop Blog

If we read the title above, a question arises in our hearts. How important we take care Blog we have?. And how do I care?. Blog treatment we have is one of the jobs and routines that must be based on the spirit and it is never desperate. Because for starters, sometimes never lose zeal in caring for the blog. Never too desperate. His first passion eventually arises bored and had for some time not doing anything on the blog that we have. That's because we're running out of ideas for a material that will we put on the blog. Obviously at some point we will begin to neglect the blog that hard we woke up with a design that is considered the best. Well .. to avoid it all a bit I give tips on the extent of the knowledge that I have. These tips are mostly in the form of the action steps SEO offpage

1. Quality.

In compiling an article try to avoid monotony. By forming the blog more varied so as to create a blog visitors attracted by the diversity of articles that we make. It also can make the end of last long on our blog. Do we think will create as many articles or post anything important without thinking of posting a lot of the quality of the content of the post or article iti themselves, let alone the content is beneficial to end. In other words, better maintain quality articles than quantity.

2. Honest

Honestly is one keyword that support the success of a person engaged in any. without exception. Likewise, we are the owners of blogs (admin), the article is made, at least our practice or our ever experienced, so the article is already proven true. do not ever make the reader feel cheated by the contents of the article.

3. Routines.

Routines have to do is update the blog at least 2 days by adding or posting quality articles. Check out a few sentences if there's nothing to fix. Do not forget to check the block that we have in StatsCrop to maximize blog created.

4. Blogwalking

Make a visit to several sites to include comments relefan with the material he read to include a link / url owned. With no hope of a return visit the blog owner who has had.

5. Social Bookmark

Register blog owned or link to various famous sites. Please you find some bookmarking sites and submit your blog there.

6. Social Media

Do not forget to also promote blogs that we have to multiple social media sites such as facebook, twitter and more. With the aim to increase the number of visitors to the blog.

Similarly, just sharing what I normally do to take care of and develop a blog that we have. May be useful.

Attractions Pantai Panjang Bengkulu

Bengkulu, is one of the province located on Sumatra island that has a beach called Pantai Panjang. Pantai Panjang is one of the attractions located in the Bengkulu Province Bengkulu crowded with visitors and is also visited by many tourists from foreign countries. Pantai Panjang has another name, namely Pantai Putri Gading Cempaka. But the name is less well known. Bengkulu community used to call Pantai Panjang, why is that.?

Pantai Panjang Bengkulu has an area of 178.50 hectares ± and has ± 7 km coast line, and the line ups and downs of an estimated 500 m. This is because here the absence of the reef so that during high tides, sea water can reach further. On this beach you certainly will see fine grained white sand is wide and sloping. And according to the story, Pantai Panjang is one of the longest beach in Indonesia. Great and amazing! ..

Pantai Panjang is very strategic layout, in the area of Bengkulu tourism business as well as many of the available variety of hotels, restaurants, cottages, and shopping centers. All that can be reached only 15 minutes from downtown Bengkulu or an estimated 3 km to the beach gate. The beach is always crowded with tourists, especially during Idul Fitri and other holidays and also the center of the crowd at the turn of the new year.

Usually most of the coastal area overgrown with palm trees. But unique Pantai Panjang is no more dominated by coconut trees for spruce and pine trees. The number of pine tree that grows along the coast of Pantai Panjang beautify and also can be used as shelter. This tourist area has a variety of facilities, be it lodging, restaurants and cafes, shopping center, children's playground, to the sports facilities are also available in this area.

One suggestion for the local government, if the traders on the beach a little bit in control it, it will certainly add to the beauty and cleanliness of the beaches are proud of.

For the bloggers who had stopped in this blog .. is there any desire to go there .. ????

How to Register Blog Blogger in Alexa Page Rank

Alexa Pagerank is as a benchmark for the blog SEO. Registering Blog to Alexa useful to know how much traffick rank obtained by a blog. Installing Widget Alexa rank describe how good the quality of your blog. Alexa rank scoring system is inversely proportional to the scoring system made by Google. At Google, the higher the rank we get indicates that quality blogs that we have, the better, but instead on the Alexa rank, the smaller the value we have, the better the quality of your blog rank. It all depends on the activity of the blog and the quality of the content created.

The appraisal system by Alexa Page Rank is also a benchmark for entrepreneurs, business entities, manufacturers or the like that have a desire to put an ad on a blog. The better the pagerank owned by a blog, the more interest advertisers obtained by blog. Really one big advantage is gained.

Let's look at how to register a blogger blog to Alexa, follow the step by step:

1. Please go to the site Alexa. Perform registration (Sign up) if you have not registered on Alexa.

2. And if the registration process has been completed please you type the address of your blog that correctly.

3. Select Method 2 (see picture). Copy the code and paste meta obtained the code just above the </ head> (on the dashboard click select edit HTML templates).

4. Click Verivy My ID. If there is no problem in the Meta Tag that has been pasted information will come out successful.

We can also add a widget on a blog owned Alexa. Just to give you information on the current blog rankings.

How to Install the Alexa Page Rank Widget In Blogger Blog

If you want to Install Widget Alexa Di Blog just follow the steps as follows:

1. Please click on Alexa.

2. Please enter your blog address and select click Build Widget.

3. Copy the code obtained.

4. On the blog dashboard select Layout friend, click Add Gadgets.

5. Paste code in HTML / javasript.

6. Select Save. And please you see the results.

I hope this article is not difficult to try

How to Register Yandex Blog For All Users Blogger

Each new blog is created, we want a blog that we have created quickly indexed in all search engines. Much has to be done by the developer blog. Good looking blog visitors from within their own country or from abroad. one of them is to register your blog to Yandex Search Engine.

Yandex is a search engine that is the largest used in the territory of Russia. According to data provided, the user Yandex in the Russian territory is greater than the users. And to target the blog visitors to the territory of Russia of course we have to register a blog or blog Submit to search engines we have the most users there, which was Yandex Search Engine. How easy at all, please do not use the web who speak Russian, because the writing is difficult to understand. We use the English let easy registration. Follow the rarity of the following:

1.    Please go to Yandex Webmaster.

Yandex if not registered, please register first. It's easy, just as we register to yahoo, gmail and so on. Star Now click on the screen.

2.    Please fill in your blog address in the box that we have already provided. Then click Add Site.

3. Please Copy Meta Tag is obtained, and the paste just below the <head> Edit HTML. Then click the check mark that lies beneath.

4.    If the registration process Yandex blog to succeed will come out like the picture below.

5.    To check the success or failure of this process, please you go to Search Engine Yandex, and type the address of the blog you have. And how..? Is the blog address that you have already indexed in Yandex ..?

Please try to submit this process, we hope to detect the presence of Yandex blog that we have. May be useful. Like awaited her.

How to Register New Blog To Google Webmaster Tools

Once we create a new blog on blogger (read An easy way to create a blog on blogger blogspot) what they should do next is Registering Blog to Webmaster Tools and verify the existence of the blog should be done by a blog. Mainly by a newly created blog. Because Google Webmaster Tools is a tool for the diagnosis of a blog blog content to Google's ability to understand that we have.

Google Webmaster Tools provide a report to us about the success rate of blogs indexed in Google. Failure indexing will be easily repaired after receiving data from Google Webmaster Tools. Whether it is a mistake we ever change the URL, or other URLs that we consider we've ever made.

How do I Register Blog at Google Webmaster Tools and also verify?

* Please sign in to Google Webmaster Tools. Make a log entry on the page as shown below.

After work, fill in the boxes tersidadengan blog URL is owned and click ADD PROPERTY.

* Choose an alternative method for verifying the blog that we had, and then click HTML tags. Meta Tags we get the code to verify our blog. The Meta Tags and Codes please copy and paste the code directly below the <head> HTML Edit blog. And click Save.

* Return on Google Webmaster Tools page Click VERIFICATION. And we have managed to register once verification blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

With its registered blogs that we have, we can then monitor the Google crawl errors committed against our blog. Doing the Sitemap and submit the address that we create articles which will appear in Google searches.

Hopefully this brief article is easy to understand.

An easy way to create a blog on blogger blogspot

Creating a blog for most bloggers, for everyone at first only a fad before it becomes a more professional blogger. especially for those that have the hobby of writing, creating a blog is right for the writing hobby. Many providers of making a blog site that is free. Such as WordPress, Blogger, 123 websites, and many more.

Of the many sites a provider of free blog creation is certainly no shortage and weaknesses on their own, depending on how to edit and arrangements are provided each site provider of free blog creation itself. The level of difficulty mounting and additional widget provided also vary.

To create a blog We must have an email account, use a Gmail account to Blogger. And in the manufacture of a new blog later we already have a kind of blog that will be made, what content we shall present to the blog that we will make our already thought of before. Whether it is a personal blog or a blog in the form of an online store. To be more focused the content of a blog later on the focus of the article.

And now, we follow ways to create a free blog on blogspot.

1. Please sign in to your Blogger account, you need to Register or Log In using a Gmail account.

2. On page create a new blog please give the name of the blog title you want and customize blog address with existing availability.

3. Make your selection in accordance with the desired template. Choose a simple template models, that allows us to make the widget settings, headers and others.

4. At the stage of the image above, we already have a blog. Click New Entries to start a post or article to be shown.

After making the first post manufacture, there is still much we must improve and we set on this new blog. To perform all the changes in this new blog, I will share in the subsequent articles.

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